Temporal cases as well as long-term projects of visual concept design, theme consistency and continuity.

Virgin Oil Co. menu assets renewal


Virgin Oil Co. took a first step for visual refreshment during the summer 2013. This traditional italian american restaurant in the centre of Helsinki was opened back in 2010 so the time was right for some adjustments. A new marketing strategy according to certain customer profiles was drawn up and original visual identity decomposed for analysis. The name Virgin Oil Co. is an imaginary title for a fictive olive oil importer located in New York during 1920’ies. The location, decade and theme itself were retained, but aesthetically refined for more sophisticated and simplified look. Naturally the table menu was the first utensil to be updated.

Original Virgin Oil & Co. logo: Jarkko Nevakallio, Copywriter: Katri Karsi | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

Gastropub Stone’s – Beer & Burgers


Redesign and refinement of a restaurant concept on a brand level. Preliminary visual theme and feature elements composed by creatives Sami Lainio & Jan-Erik Ehrström.

Gastropub Stone’s underwent quite extensive facelift during the summer 2012. Along with the outfit came new cuisine and distinctive selection of beverages. I was assigned to deliver typography, textures, layout and visual aesthetics for graphics, photos and campaign images.

Barleys, hops and premium beef. Go grab some! >>

Copywriting: Jan-Erik Ehrström & Saara Kullström | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

Post Control Helsinki


Visual identity for Helsinki based high-end post production company in Suvilahti Power Plant. The preliminary sketches of the logo were mostly focused on American Typewriter typeface. Fortunately, after a few quite meticulous sketches, the client and I collectively decided to find an alternative with more geometric and analogue look. And very shortly after the decision a typeface called Grover was selected. Among tv & cinema professionals the key colour red needs no further argumentations.

State-of-the-art post for every need.>>

Clients: Jukka Kujala, Marko Terävä, Petri Riikonen & Juuso Selin | Post Control Helsinki