Works related to festivals, tournaments, holidays and anniversaries.

Craft Beer Weeks

An updated theme week visual for HOK-Elanto Beer Houses. “Talviolutviikot” serves for limited time only availability of certain special beers from the beginning of november to the end of december.

Check the short clip created for web & digital signage network here»

Based on original visual concept developed by creative Jan-Erik Ehrström | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014


The idea for the composition came from creative Sami Lainio and originally we were pretty much fixed to stage and shoot the whole thing outdoors. The only problem was apparent lack of snow and ice. Weather forecasts gave absolutely no hope whatsoever and the schedule was tight as usual so plan B was executed. Many thanks for the sports department staff at Prisma Kaari Kannelmäki!

Art Director: Sami Lainio, Copywriter: Jan-Erik Ehrström | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

IIHF World Championships 2013


In Finland spring equals May Day and ice hockey championships. Behind every puck braking slapshot we finns are all fundamentally a big family craving for that 1st price. And usually it is the second or third position to settle for… The latest victory back in 2011 has given us all plenty to look forward to. Therefore I became into a conclusion, that these general expectations should be somehow visually concretized. Finnish national team players are collectively known as “Kiekkoleijonat”, which translates freely into puck lions or hockey lions. This caricature has been established in various forms and shapes, but never before with utmost sense of drama and excitement. At the office one of our interior designers Jukka was willing to act as model so the studio was reserved. Fur and environmental elements were digitally composed on the selected still shots.

Photography: Ilpo Vainionpää – Studio Avanteca >> | Copywriter: Jan-Erik Ehrström | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

Father’s Day – 10th of November

Thor: The Dark World came in treaters on friday 8th of November to attract the audience that had seen Gravity under a month earlier. In Thor the ultimate father figure Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins) resembles Jor El of Superman or Charles Xavier of X-Men. All of these noble and wise but purely fictional characters are naturally echoes of an ideal for great experience, knowledge and wisdom. Kind of like descendants are seeing their elders and just like a kid sees his/her father. We decided simply to rely on that particular movie context and focus on one recognizable element. Free movie tickets were given to all of those fathers who took a main course in selected restaurants on that Sunday.

Copywriter: Katri Karsi | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

(H)Oktoberfest 2013 & 2014

Oktoberfests are traditionally held in Munich, Germany starting from late September to the first weekend in October. During that time big bavarian pints and Dirndl-dresses are quite uninhibitedly highlighted. We finns are occasionally even too coy so within the marketing context this was definitely the right event to do something courageous.

Copywriter: Jan-Erik Ehrström | Client: HOK-Elanto Restaurants

Vltava 8th anniversaries

Anniversary campaign core visual for Czech restaurant Vltava in March 2013.