Some samples of website layout and UI design. The stuff I crave to do as much as possible in order to develop myself further as a designer.

Lippupiste info

As a part of the largest ticket sales company in Europe Lippupiste Oy sells event, concert and theatre tickets via the largest online store (https://www.lippu.fi ») in Finland. The sales and marketing department at Lippupiste made an initiative to clarify event arrangement and ticket sales process with the help of a detached site targeted specifically for domestic event promoters. In this case Drupal CMS was the most obvious choice for the customer side since the platform itself was familiar for the operators at marketing.

Drupal development & site build up: Joni Liikanen / Integral Oy | Client: Sonja Lehtonen / Lippupiste Ltd

Lippupiste uutiset

A dedicated ‘NEWS’ minisite for domestic users listing current topics and latest changes over various upcoming events promoted through Lippupiste. Practically serves as a gallery like user surface where all entries can be maintained in a step more orderly fashion than on Facebook for example.

Drupal development & site build up: Joni Liikanen / Integral Oy | Client: Sonja Lehtonen / Lippupiste Ltd

Facelifting the home page of Integral

Work in progress…

The original WordPress development version of Integral home page was for some reason pretty poorly mobile optimised and the overall appearance had no stimulants in order to get the users engaged. Also the possibilities of content updating for non technical operators were practically negligible. We made a fundamental deep dive in to the existing site structure in order to solve if we could somehow maintain the most of it while implementing a page building tool – that turned out to be a success and pretty soon we were ready to start developing content based on Growth Driven Design methodology…

Original WordPress Buildup: ??? Currently being built mostly by: Me with Joni Liikanen

New site of Hotelzon


The content management system of hotelzon.com site needed to be updated and during this procedure the layout as well as the content itself were refreshed in order to achieve more compelling user journey and optimal mobile performance. WordPress was an obvious choice out of the different alternatives available and the experts from Roger Customer Experience Studio brought along their extensive experience over WordPress development and implementation. The outcome now has wider possibilities from the content production point of view and also improved tracking features for system integration.

Check the site and book a room for your next business trip through Hotelzon »

Initial visual design & layout: Viljami Lehtinen & Susanne Mießner / Roger Studios >>  | WordPress development & site build up: Susanne Mießner | Content: Eduardo Alonso & John Hale | Project Management: John Hale, Annina Holmberg / Roger Studios

Facelift of Patarumpu.fi


The site to follow and check up regulary if and when something about domestic grocery industry and market retail starts to puzzle. The facelift itself was rather light when all the original interface elements and frame structure were maintained pretty much untouched. Color palette was redefined to achieve more corporative, contemporary and analytical tone.

Original core & site build: Jouni Mäkelä / Solid Angle >>  | Client: S-Ryhmän marketkauppa

(ABC) Deli


The first build of Deli website layout was based on the latest contemporary version of a graphic identity provided by W. Steinmann. At that time the Deli identity had already been reshaped multiple times until this current combination of key colour tones and logo shape was approved.

Deli visual identity: Petteri Tyynelä | W. Steinmann
Site build & hosting: Mediasignal Communications Oy >> | Client: HOK-Elanto Service Stations and Fuel Trade